Commission work.

Commission a custom piece

In most realms of wargaming you can never find exactly what you are after when it comes to a terrain board, that is where we come in. If it’s simply adding some trees to your existing boards, or a complete new board, we can do it for you. Creating custom boards is one of our favorite things to do, knowing that you will end up with what you want. All our commission work is hand crafted to a very high standard and ensures it won’t fall to pieces as soon as you start playing on it. All highly detailed to your specifications. All boards are made from extremely dense XPS foam which is very light and can be transported easily, a felt covering is attached to the bottom so they don’t slide around all over the place, and laminated edging strips can be added to the sides at an additional cost.

Designing your board is a very personal thing to do so we encourage you to think about it a while and sketch down where you would like things placed to get a clear picture of how you will be playing on it. Adding features later isn’t always easy, so if you have buildings and obstacles you wish to add, it’s best to advise us at the start of the build. All buildings, structures, villages, castles, or industrial terrain can be purchased by yourself and we are happy to add those to your board, but if you would like us to source them for you we would be happy to do so. A Lot of our structures are scratch built, but this obviously takes a lot longer and is more expensive. There are many companies out there producing some amazing stuff so we do encourage you to look around, and again we are happy to paint and detail them up for you.

Warhammer Watch Tower and Courtyard..28mm/32mm
Warhammer Medieval Sacrilegious Temple 28mm/32mm